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You Should Remain Optimistic and Happy Mood to Pass the Sell WOW Gold Menopause Period

Menopausal women more prone to endocrine disorders, especially for hypogonadism, the sex hormone secretion Sell WOW Gold reduced. At this time, the adrenal will compensate hyperactivity, which makes glucocorticoid secretion increase, thereby contributing to the absorption and storage of fat. These fats tend to gather in the waist and abdomen.

Then, will the figure of women be out of shape when they reach menopause? How to stay slim during the menopause? Due to menopause, the body will produce hormonal which cannot changes or reversed. In addition, the female should estrogen replacement therapy under the guidance of a doctor, at usually; they also need to pay attention to three aspects of mood, diet and exercise, which maintain the slim for young man.

Tips one

You should remain optimistic and happy mood. A good mood can increase the excitability of the cerebral cortex and the nervous system and coordination to give full play to the potential of the body, which makes people have full of energy, strong appetite, sleep well. The good mood also can improve resistance to diseases, health promotion and adapt changes of menopause. In life, women have to pay more attention to grooming, because of good instrumentation, behavior and demeanor can make people more confidence.

Tips: you should focus on balanced diet nutritionally. At usually, you can eat pork liver, vegetables and fruits and choose more foods which rich in B vitamins, such as whole grains (millet, oatmeal), beans and lean meat and milk. These foods have a certain effect to maintain the function of the nervous system and promote digestion. The people whose body easy to become fat, or the cholesterol is too high, they should choose the food which contain high quality protein and low cholesterol foods such as lean meat, duck, fish, etc

Tips: aerobic exercise changes the "fermentation" body. Menopause will not only change the size, and obesity also leads to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other diseases. Menopausal women need a lot of exercise to ensure that body fat burning. You can run about 30 minutes a day to maintain a normal body weight and waist circumference. Exercise includes running, yoga or weight training, which helps to maintain bone health and slows the loss of muscle mass natural.

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