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You Had Best to Choose Toothpaste under the Guidance of Sell Runescape Gold A Doctor

Toothpaste is intimate with us every day. Although it is not the food, it has the relationship with the Sell Runescape Gold oral hygiene. This is called "care toothpaste logo" once appeared on the net posts sparked the concern of friends, post reads: colors of toothpaste tail were divided into red, green, blue and black. Red represents natural + chemical composition, green represents natural, blue represents pharmaceutical ingredients, and the black is the most terrible which means chemical composition. Posts reminded that children toothpaste is mostly chemistry in domestic. Reporters saw at the supermarket carefully many brands of toothpaste tube tail and found that as the post said, is divided into four colors.

Actually, this distinction is set within the enterprise according to the quality of toothpaste. It is not as a national mandatory requirement, and industry has no requirement. After consumers buy toothpaste, maybe they will encounter a problem on toothpaste. If they want to complain, they could tell the industry which color of the tail of toothpaste tube. Thus, as the answer or the consulter could quickly understand which kind of toothpaste you buy!

Generally speaking, red is basically toothpaste for children, which is not like the Internet said red is the chemical composition + natural; the blue has the whitening effect, which plus whitening additives; black is a non-whitening, but remove teeth stains effect; Green primarily with drug's. Although the toothpaste has these types of colors, but not like the Internet said to distinguish according to chemical composition. Generally, the enterprise always distinguishes them as the purpose.

Should consumers follow colors to choose? Actually, the color of the outside of the toothpaste color is an enterprise intra-coded, and cannot serve as a basis for later, and cannot be used as criteria.

All toothpastes actually have chemical compositions. When consumers buy toothpaste should carefully check the instructions on the label such as children toothpaste would be labeled the toothpaste for children. Children toothpaste has countries regulations, such as fluorine content is even lower. When you buy toothpaste teeth, you should according to their own situation. You had best to choose toothpaste under the guidance of a doctor.

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