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You Can Choose the Ice Cream or Coffee to Wake You Sell Aion kinah Up


People intake of caffeine is not conducive to good health, is that really Sell Aion kinah true? In recent years, with research Anarchy credits progresses, coffee was proved to one of the best drinks for good health.

Caffeine is a substance which can eliminate sleepiness, but its efficacy is not only this. According to the study results, it also has the effectiveness to promote brain activation. Coffee can promote brain memory increase. Through ingestion of caffeine, it can inhibit the formation of adenosine, and also generates dopamine to promote brain activity to make the brain more active.

Caffeine is not only to act on the brain. According to the study, it also promotes metabolism and fat burning effect, so we can say caffeine is the female partner. Caffeine also increases the efficiency of muscle movement effect, so it is also suitable for athletes. According to the study, after intake caffeine, muscles are more efficient than before about 12%. Further, caffeine also has the effect to prevent Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.

Coffee not only contains minerals and vitamins, it also contains a lot of anti-aging and has natural antioxidants. It is said that in North America antioxidant content of vegetables and fruit is far less than the amount of intake from coffee. We can see women drink some coffee is more helpful for anti-aging.

For White-collar MM who was sitting in front of the computer for a long time, how can they remain beautiful and spiritual vitality work? May wish to spare a cup of coffee!

A Japanese study showed that eating ice cream can clear the head in the morning. It is said, eating ice cream can gives us the feeling refreshing relax in the morning, and also have very good wake-up the role on the brain.

According to reports, the results show that it only a more sober mind, but also has a good effect to eliminate a sense of depression. At the same time, comparing with eating ice cream and eating ice, eating ice cream is even better than ice. Professor Koga said, "The effect of caffeine has the different role to the different people, but ice cream effect has the generally effect on the activity of brain cells.

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