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World of Warcraft : PTR Patch Notes & Upcoming Changes to PvP Gear Detailed

The World of Warcraft community site has been updated with a pair of articles about forthcoming changes to the game. The first lays out the current patch notes (v5.2) on the Public Test Realm. The second is a blog article about changes coming to PvP gear in the future.
To accomplish the goals of making PvP more accessible and less punishing, gearing more consistent and flexible, and flattening the power curve out over the course of a season, there are some significant changes in the works:
2200 rating requirements removed from all PvP gear. (5.2)
Gear will be available in four tiers:
Dreadful Gladiator's gear will be crafted. (5.2)
Malevolent Gladiator's gear, including weapons, will be purchased with Honor Points. (5.2)
New tier of PvP items: Tyrannical Gladiator's gear will be purchased with Conquest Points. (5.2)
Tyrannical Gladiator's gear can be purchased for Honor after 27000 Conquest Points are earned for the season. (5.3)
Elite Tyrannical Gladiator's gear can only be purchased with Conquest Points after 27,000 Conquest Points have been earned for the season. (5.2)

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