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Why We Have the Sense of Sell FFXI GIL Isolation

From a practical point of view of psychology, psychological expert Xu Hao said that in fact Sell FFXI GIL, loneliness is often due to the heart is not strong, not satisfied with the current situation, and there is no clear way to improve a state, deeply in the pursuit of their own ambitions are not achieved or not agree, the heart doping sorrow, despair, isolation, anxiety, anxiety and rejection of the emotional state.

In our real life, almost all of them are able to escape loneliness, but showed varying degrees. In general, transient or incidental loneliness does not cause psychological and behavioral disorders, but long-term or severe loneliness can lead to certain emotional disorders, reduce their psychological health. Loneliness with others and society will increase the diaphragm and alienation, and will strengthen the diaphragm and the alienation of people loneliness, a long time will inevitably lead to alienation of the individual physical disorders.

Lonely unique to human society as a psychological phenomenon, its influence factors are manifold. Generally from the environmental factors, individual differences variables and background characteristics and other aspects to explore.

Although loneliness is a subjective personal experience, but it is clearly the emergence and development of the social environment in which the individual and the individual's social relations situation closely linked. When people are in lonely, strange, closed suddenly encountered a setback discord or objective state; it can easily induce human loneliness. For example, an adult love relationship termination and rupture, death of spouse, loss of loved ones, and not with others, that long-term isolation in social interaction or interpersonal environment is more closed state often feel lonely days.

In-depth exploration of the impact of loneliness factors, there is growing emphasis on personal and personality factors. Numerous studies have found that loneliness and personality and individual differences variables are closely related. Personality affects people of their social situation or social perception and evaluation of the state of relations, affect people's understanding of their own situation, thereby affecting people's loneliness. Facing the same interpersonal situations, some people may not easily feel lonely, while others extremely easy to feel lonely.

When the individual's interpersonal missing, some people may see this as a challenge and try to develop new social relationships through changing the status quo, or learn a pleasant solitude; while some people may be prone to feel lonely or continuing feel lonely . Often lonely people tend to be shy, more introverted, passive interpersonal roles, so they build and maintain satisfactory interpersonal relationships become difficult, thus increasing the possibility of loneliness.

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