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Who Invent the Reinforced Sell WOW Gold Concrete

After the cement was invented, people discovery that although artificial "stone" is hard in the using Sell WOW Gold process, it has its own shortcomings like all the natural cement: brittle. It could not endure the impact and the tensile strength is low. People are racking their brains to think of ways to solve this problem.

Cerf & Moni Ai is a French gardener. His family had a large garden; there are a lot of beautiful flowers to open all year, so many visitors like to here to enjoy the flowers. Let him fret is that flower beds often were treated by visitors. How could let people step on the flower beds, while the flower bed was not subject to crush it?

One day in 1865, Moni was in the garden to transplanting flowers, accidentally he put a potted fell to the ground, and the flower pots were smashed, but the soil of flower roots pack firmly around the ball, and they did not disperse. The roots of flowers were criss-cross, which make the soft soil linke together firmly!"

Inspired by the mud pots, Moni Ai modeled flowers roots of silk with iron grid, cement; sand and gravel poured together to re-brick flower bed, and the result showed it is very strong durable. In this way, a specialized horticulture who is neither an engineer nor a building expert invented a new building material - reinforced concrete. Until now, it is still one of the most important building materials. In 1867, Moni Ai applicant the concrete as his patent for an invention, and in 1867, at the Paris Expo, he exhibited boat and flower pots which was made ​​of reinforced concrete.

The pots and concrete are two unrelated things, but Moni Ai get the inspiration from the smashed pots to get inspirit to invent concrete. As French bacteriologist Louis Pasteur said: "In the field of observation, the opportunities that only favor the prepared mind." Careful observation and seize the opportunity, everyone can make an extraordinary performance. I have to say in the modern society, many people are lack of the observation including me. How can we get the observation need us to think? 

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