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When the Love has No Sense of the Sell SilkRoad Online Gold Security


One night, I had a gathering with my best friends. They are handsome boys or the Sell SilkRoad Online Gold beautiful ladies expect for me. One of the handsome boys said:” we are too confident, so we not really try to operate our emotion.” Operating emotions means that we know that the emotion is not only the destiny. When there are some problems, when need to solve them right now. So the emotion could experience barriers one by one, at the end we can get the high quality and steady emotion. When we could not operate the problems of emotions, we are easy to image that appearance of Mr. Right or the Mrs. Right: I have not the same language with her, because she is not my soul couple. If I can find my right person, the happiness will come soon immediately.

To operate the emotion is a capability; the sense of the security is the basics. If a person who has a high sense of the security, he could know how to deal with problems of emotion. If a person who has a low sense of security, he tended to avoid the questions and image to meet his Mr. Right. Especially handsome boy like this, I seemed that he has enough reasons to fleet out. The confidence is that he is so handsome, so there are so many girls want to marry with him. If he finds that the girl is not one what he thinks, he can change quickly. Actually, it is not the confidence; it is about the sense of security. When we no sense of security in our mind, we will pay attention to message of “no love”, after we got the messages, maybe we will choose to avoid everything.

Why we do like this? We pursued the feeling of the control- it is me to control the process of the emotion. In fact, if the person who is out of the sense of security is in the huge happiness suddenly, he will confuse. He will challenge the underline of people because he does not believe the love. But these actions will make people tired more and more. So it is not good way to solve the problem. 

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