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What Is Your Attitude to Can Sell WOW Gold Food

Generally speaking, the shelf life of instant noodles is six months, even a few months cannot Sell WOW Gold compose threaten. While the shelf life of canned food is from two to three years or more, which makes many people feel it must use a lot of preservatives in order to have such a long shelf life.

In this regard, nutrition experts in the "diet regimen sink" scene said, main role of preservatives is to inhibit microbial growth and reproduction, and in the dry environments, microbes are difficult to survive. In addition to wet instant noodles, the instant noodles all have through the drying. Water which is the necessary condition to microbial is substantially removed. Only if the instant noodles will not re-wetting in the storage process, even without preservatives, it will not degenerate. 

The reason for the canned to be able to save for a long time, it mainly depends on the vacuum sealed and strict sterilization. In the market, canned packaging is completely sealed. Under a vacuum condition, in order to prevent the bacteria to produce again, so the vast some canned food no need to add preservatives. Meanwhile, canned or salt often contains a lot of sugar, sugar, salt itself is a good preservative, and to some extent helped cans were antiseptic.

Many people believe that canned through multi-channel processing program, not only fresh, there has been a serious loss of nutrients. Experts point out that this is a misunderstanding for granted, are not stored for a long time is not fresh, canned originally appeared that in order to achieve the effectiveness of food preservation, many times, canned food than the food stored in the refrigerator still fresh.

To canned peach, for example, fresh peach if not through the treatment process, difficult to store and are not good, if not canned peach difficult for us to eat fresh, delicious peach.

In the canning process, will lose vegetables in vitamin C, as well as meat in vitamin B, other nutrients, such as various minerals, are still being retained, the loss will not exceed the total daily or even fried frying and other cooking loss.

We should pay attention that canned contains large amounts of sugar and salt, which should be eaten in moderation. Meanwhile when you buy canned food, you should choose sealed and complete cans. If the can is protuberance, it indicates it has the possible to deteriorate.

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