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What Are the Benefits to Eat Sell Maple Story Mesos Mushrooms


What are the benefits to eat mushrooms? Shiitake mushroom is one of our favorite Sell Maple Story Mesos foods. Mushrooms not only can lower blood pressure and protect cancer effectively, and also is a natural anti-aging food. Water mushroom extract has the effect to hydrogen peroxide scavenging. Therefore, Shiitake mushroom is the food which the elderly and women should eat.

Mushrooms expect for contains protein, fat and carbohydrates, the amino acids, vitamins, minerals and a variety of physiologically active substance content is also very alarming. Lentinan has the effect to improve our immune system, inhibit cancer cell growth, anti-viral and anti-aging. Eritadenine (also known as the mushroom vegetarian) can reduce harmful cholesterol; cardiovascular system has a very good protection, effectively prevent the formation of atherosclerosis effectively, so it has a decent effect to lower blood pressure. Mushrooms have amazing content of the vitamin and mineral content, especially vitamin b family and ergo sterol content is very high, they can be effective in preventing the occurrence of rickets and osteomalacia.

Expect for the fresh mushrooms, that is the dried mushrooms. In the dried mushrooms, it contains more vitamin D, because the irradiation of sunlight will make ergosterol transform into more vitamin D. So, you can put dried mushrooms under daylight for a few days before eating, so that more vitamin D can promote the generation. We all know that dried mushrooms will exude a special taste because it contains fine and guanylate mushrooms and other ingredients.

The water temperature to soak dried mushrooms is very important. 20 ℃ ~ 35 ℃ warm water is most appropriate. The temperature of the water can not only make it easier absorbent mushrooms soften, while enabling the full release of flavor components. Dried mushrooms is best to do suited stews, because of stews can make fibers soft, and let mushrooms taste better. The soaking water should not be threw away, because the water contains a lot of mushrooms purine, and health function is very high, you can eat together into the pot stew.

Mushrooms also have a relief effect to indigestion and constipation. People who have such a disease friends wish to eat some mushrooms dishes.

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