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We Should Illustrate Several Important Sell Guild Wars 2 Gold Issues

I have to say these two days the whole "Guild Wars 2" China operations team is in a state of Sell Guild Wars 2 Gold excitement and apprehension intertwined, especially at noon today. The exciting thing is that "Guild Wars 2's first test of the" national service is finally opened officially. Dear players let us understand what is deeply moved, what is a high-quality player, what is our deepest understanding and tolerance once again.

We did not enough well, this is a fact we have to admit. But all the players did not complain and not abusive, but take seriously every problem in the game, give us feedback carefully and give us suggestions. In fact, you do not know each of your sincere advice and a little encouragement let us have the double morale.

Here, we should do several important issues to illustrate for feedback:

For the role naming convention, there are some errors in the game description. The correct rules are follows:

The role name can use 8 characters (including Chinese characters and English characters);

The role name must include at least two or more words (including Chinese characters and English characters);

The role name cannot contain spaces and special characters;

The role name can only use simplified Chinese and English characters.

Please follow the correct rules to name own role, which means that the role name can be freer and more personalized!

Part of the game content is not finished. There are some English. One of the most common is the part of just an updated version of the United States serving the "Flame & Frost. We must sincerely tell you we cannot translate this part of the contents at first test. So we are very sorry to give you troubles.

Some players enter into the games, the screen goes black, the client error or cannot hear the voice in the game. We’re trying to troubleshoot these problems. The most effective solution is to restart the client. For about these issues, we will follow-up report on the work in a timely manner to report that.

When you input Chinese, it may enter numbers or letters repeated twice. This problem has been found the reasons at present, which belongs to the client and the input method compatibility issues, but we need a little time to fix this problem.



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