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We Have Modified the Sell WOW Gold Watchtower

Blizzard has modified refreshing position and the elite density of the first act in the watchtower in the 1.05 patch. Community Sell WOW Gold Manager has provided an explanation: an overly strong regional will cause adverse effects to the o game healthy development.

We have modified the watchtower. Compared with other treasure hunt locations, it is too unbalanced. Its advantage not only has a high density of the elite, and also has the ornate treasure chests. The distance between it and the delivery point is quite short (a combination of factors led to a large number of players gathered brush strange here). A treasure hunt area is very good even more than other regions, there is nothing wrong. However, the problem is that its existence makes all the other things become eclipsed.

We do not want players to feel that they have to go to that place to conduct Farm, otherwise it means the loss.  Because of this reason, it moved from the northern highlands to the southern highlands in the 1.05 patch, the players need to spend more time to find it, which used to be it is too powerful factor. At first, we did not want to weaken the dungeon, but in the end we changed to a lower density of the elite monsters, and the observation tower is still in the southern high to refresh.

Now I have to answer your question. Although the watchtowers have been weakened, but it appears likely (including liquidity businessman appears chance) does not change. I wish you luck in the process of looking businessman handed, although you may need to try several times.

"In this treasure hunt, we found a very efficient a treasure hunt?"

"We will modify..."

I think this is a fairly simple way to look at this issue, but I also agree. Weaken an area what a player like will bring bad feelings. We understand this point, but keep this area (at least in this case, which area is far beyond the normal) can make people feel that they have been forced to experience a small part of the game, it will cause bad the impact for the health of the game.


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