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Vaginitis Is a Kind of Lifestyle Sell Knight Online Noah Diseases


Vaginitis is a kind of "lifestyle diseases". Due to the pressure of life and work, entertaining, frequent Sell Knight Online Noah nightlife, work overtime late into the night before going to bed, the biological clock is disrupted, the body defenses are weakened, the private immune system continuously reduce, So the harmful bacteria will avail themselves of the opportunities to get in. Even if women pay attention to t personal hygiene, poor resistance will lead to inflammation infection. The experts recommend that women should maintain a relaxed state of mind and smile to the life, so that the body resistance can rise, and then the disease will be followed to reduce.

Some women like to use the soap or shower to wash genital even the antibiotics or herbal bath, which lead to flora imbalance. Although these methods can temporarily relieve symptoms, it cannot be solved from the resources, which result in recurrent vaginitis. For the women, they should particularly pay attention to vaginal health before and after menstruation, and must not be careless. Scientific care and reasonable care habits should survive the female immune weakest stage of the cycle.

The dirty sex will bring the bacteria from the outside and the alkaline semen can change the normal vaginal environment, which result in the recurrence of vaginitis. Japanese researchers believe that sex life lead to vaginitis recurrence rate is as high as 90%. In South Korea, w clean is the common responsibility of husband and wife before sex, but in our country, takes the cleaning measures are less than 1%. In order to get the health, sex life should pay attention to hygiene.

Lack of drugs is the most common problem of vaginitis patients. Some patients stop the medication after the symptoms eased, which result in bacteria is suppressed. Under the conditions that disease has not been completely cured, when the vaginal pH value changes, vaginitis will relapse. There are some patients often change the drugs, and it is also main reason for vaginitis.

Most women friends are not taken seriously enough for vaginitis. In addition, some women like to endure, coupled with busy work, so they like to the buy some lotion in drugstore, which result in artificially delaying the disease. 

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