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Using the Different Methods to Deal with the Sell Cabal Alz Different Skin Problems


20 years old

20-year-old is the peak period of time for hormone secretion, at this time, you feel Sell Cabal Alz energetic, and so any fatigue or damage can be repaired quickly. Maybe you have problems such as too strong oil secretion and acne, but only if the situation is not serious, it almost does not leave too obvious traces. The dark circles and puffiness will go after waking up.

Solution: due to strong oil secretion to have acne, so we should make sure clean the face thoroughly.

Reminder: the secret of invincible youth is the strong secretion of hormones, but soon it will reduce as the 15% speed every decade, and then the body of the function decreases. For young women, the most important thing is to develop good habits early, and do not over consume precious youth.

30 years old

Even you have struggled through the youth, and at the normal you will not have the acnes, but there are still a few red and swollen poxes or the emergence of a small lump before and after the menstrual period. The greatest incentive of physiological pox is the hormone: reducing female hormones and increasing male hormone stimulate excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands to clog pores to cause inflammation.

Solution: hormonal changes before and after menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon, so you should not interfere and adjustment. If you are infected by the physiological pox, you may apply skin care products to the acne parts in one or two weeks in advance.

Reminder: people who often have physiological pox also are easier to encounter pressure pox than other people, because the causes of both are similar. At usually, you had best to develop a good habit for the rest of the law to avoid staying up late 'excessive stress and other anxiety.

40 years old

You skin is so dry that face cream is useless, at this time, you female hormones dropped significantly, and the body enter the menopausal problems gradually.

Solution: estrogen replacement therapy is the mainstream solution. It is difficult to stop to aging which was brought by the menopause, we can only try to postpone the arrival of menopause, such as eating foods which rich in antioxidants, adhere to exercise, remain optimistic about a positive attitude and learn to release stress.

Reminder: A skin care product which contains estrogen has some security risks, so that you cannot abuse them.


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