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To Bow Three Times to the Sell Final Fantasy XIV Gil Criminal

The court was judging a kidnapping case. The accused person was a 30 years old man Sell Final Fantasy XIV Gil who kidnapped a little boy. The little boy was the son of his boss.

He could get the money from the boss after working eight months. At that time, he asked the boss to advance account to him, even hundreds of money. But every time, the boss refused his requirement. He was the only pillar of his family, he needed to take her mother to the hospital; he needed to bright his children to the school; he needed to repair his house. All these things need the money to afford them. He was very angry with the boss, so he kidnapped the son of his boss. When he kidnapped the boy, he felt guilty and regret. It was easy to run for him, but he afraid of the child would feel scare in the dark house. So he hung the boy into his arm. When the police searched them, they found the little boy was sleeping in his arms. He was sentenced five years.

When the people were prepared to retired from the courtroom, a voice came from the public gallery:” wait, I have to say something.” That was an old lady whose son was his boss. And the old woman walked to the criminal, no one knew what would happen. Suddenly, the lady bowed three times to the criminal. All the people were surprised include the boss; they thought the lady must crazy. 

The woman raised her head and said to him:” the first bow is an apology for you. I did not teach my son very well. The man who has to been judged is not you, it should de my son. The second bow is to your family. My son is not only sorry for you, but also for your family. The third bow is to you; thank you did not hurt my grandson and left the shadow to him. You have a kind heart. You are better than my son. The words of the old lady made people moving, and the criminal cried like a kid. The last reason was that the boss paid the money for him and took the criminal’s mother to the hospital. 

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