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There is a cow pen beside the trail northeast of Lumbridge

Hint: only bring a pickaxe when obtaining full inventories of rune essences. This way you can run longer with more rune essences during each trip without wasting more sell wow gold energy.

Most f2p players will use Aubury’s Rune Essence Field and are able to mine up to 20k’s worth of rune essences per hour.'

In this field, you are able to mine as many rune essences as you want. Best of all is that the rune essence rock doesn’t have to respawn once you obtain a rune essence out of it. You should, of course, mine a full inventory of this before you head back to deposit it at a bank.

Step through the portal located next to each rune essence rock to be transported back to their specific location or shop.

Cow hides are dropped by cows located in cow pens. Some cow pens are filled with cow hides left by players that train on cows. There is a cow pen beside the trail northeast of Lumbridge and another one right next to the Crafting Guild.

Cow hides are priced at around 100-150gps each. Although because of the long distance from a cow pen to a bank, a player can still make up to 25k’s worth of cow hides per hour.

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