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The temperature difference is big between morning and Sell RO2 gold evening

A young American officer received a transfer order, he was assigned to the base near the edge of the Sell RO2 gold desert. His newlywed wife determined to follow him, so he helped his wife to find a cabin to settle in the Indian tribes. It was very hot in summer, and the temperature difference is big between morning and evening, what is worse, the Indians can not speak English, so the daily communication was also a problem. A few months later, his wife was unable to endure such life, so she wrote a letter to his mother, she told the harsh life conditions and at the end she said that she wanted to return to the bustling city. Her mother wrote back: "Two prisoners live in the same skookum-house, they look out of the same window, but one sees the mud, and another sees the stars. Actually, the wife did not really want to leave her husband back to the city, she just grumbled, so she said to herself: "Well, I will find out the stars." From then on, she changed her life attitude, and blended in Indian life, she learned their weaving and pottery, and fascinated their culture. "Go into the world of stars" she always says to herself in her heart. Indeed, the environment can not defeat us. So, we should not complain about the abominable environment, on the contrary, we ought to try our best to find our own shining stars from the abominable environment.

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