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The philosopher cloth Dan keeps a small Sell Warhammer Gold donkey

One day, the small donkey standing between in two of the same Sell Warhammer Gold hay, hesitated for a long time also does not know to eat which one, finally starved to death. This because freedom of choice and brings in a dilemma of trouble, was called "the cloth Dan donkey effect". Leave the campus, learning is no longer the teacher's work, parents requirements, we have more independent choice, but also added anxiety. For this kind of circumstance, the proposal is learners do two preparations: one is a long-term study plan, choose one on a lifetime of learning direction, best interested in starting from. The other is a short-term study plan, such as close to a stage especially interested in things, or work need to learn, can be used as a short-term sprint learning goals. Now in this information era of rapid replacement, if we ignore the importance of studying, it is the wrong person. Almost everyone in the workplace knows must charge to survive. However, most want to learn people have such a question: why do I always was unable to complete my study plan? I'm afraid this is not a simple "lazy" can explain. Lack of intellectual curiosity: around nothing new. Generally speaking, embrace this idea, and to the life and the work very hard also in spirits. To speak bluntly, let them feel the lack of interest in learning things to more than one.

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