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The love of men is from Sell Dragon Nest Gold overlooking

When we are young, we may want several love Sell Dragon Nest Gold experience, but when we grow up, we will understand that once we really love someone, the whole lifetime will not be enough. We ought to know her, forgive her and then love her; it must need a big mind. Do not forget the things we once owned. Treasure the things that we can not get. Do not give up things that belong to us and keep those lost in memory. I love and I am used to keep a certain distance with those changed things, so that I can know what will not be abandoned by time. For example, when I love someone but changes are all around, then I will step backward and watch it silently till I find the true feeling. The love of men is from overlooking, while the love of women is from looking up. If love is like a mountain, men can overlook more women when they go up, but women can see fewer men when they go up. Good love can make us to see the whole world from one person, but bad love can make us to abandon the whole world because of one person. In this way, only those men who really feel happy can give women real happiness. I know someone in the world is waiting for, but I do not know whom I am waiting for, but I am still very happy because of it.

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