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The first 6,800 years before the war of Warcraft

In Dasileima under the leadership of the high elves left Kalimdor to challenge the big swirl of storm. Their fleet in the world drifting ruins for many years on the road found a lot of mysteries and lost kingdoms.

The high elves crossed the rugged mountains and rolling Lordaeron, their journey becomes more troubled. As the elves and the life energy can provide the link between the lives of the wells were completely cut off, either because of cold and many elves fell ill or died of hunger. But most disturbing change is the wizard: they no longer have eternal life, is no longer immune to the various elements of magic. Their smaller body, the skin has lost a unique violet. So much suffering not finished, they encounter many never seen in Kalimdor strange creatures. Elves also found a lot of hunting in ancient woodland in the original human tribes. But they suffered the most terrible threat comes from Amman those greedy cunning forest trolls.