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The damage booster of the skill isn't as good as Cora's caster

Now the Spiritualists, while a caster they are much different from Cora's. Instead of a huge destructive force, they are much more supportive in nature. They are intended to sell wow gold buff allies, debuff enemies, and then attack.

If you see someone attacking an enemy and can't quite kill them then you should probly debuff that enemy if you can before going on to attack who you where attacking.

At level 30 you have two choices, Cypher and Chandra. Cypher is the more offensive. The Cypher gets Edian's Soul which boosts force magic damage. However, the damage booster of the skill isn't as good as Cora's caster.

Divine removes debuffs from you. It's useful since you don't have to rely on a spiritualist to do that for you. Lastly is Mental Assault. I don’t' know hat to say about this skill, it drains FP and increases the persons skill cost.

I just doubt it's that useful with fp potions and the "Effective consume" skill that spiritualists have to reduce their cost. It's unclear how much it increases the cost so it's unclear how effective it is.

I don't know anyone that's played this class and I haven't. I've never seen it used either.

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