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The United State Do Not Have Identity Sell RS Gold Card


In American history, the federal government had never issued a unified national Sell RS Gold identity. But in real life, there are three documents, which played a role identity on different levels.

At first, it is the driver's license. The second is a passport. Third is the social security number. During the New Deal, he established a social security system, which proposed to establish a social security number for every person who has the job. When he imaged this immediately, it was opposite by "Privacy faction". Finally, Roosevelt compromise and assurance to Congress: This number is only used for social insurance, must not be used for identification of the areas, and will be kept confidential. At the end, the proposal was finally passed by Congress.

Strictly speaking, the social security number cannot be considered a unified identity. Because it only records the name, sex, age, address and photos, but not have basic information. Citizens do not need to carry all the time, because of the number is clearly defined as personal privacy. The "Privacy Act" in 1974, there even a special provision states wrote: "To control the social security number to threat to personal privacy."

Because there is no unified identity, the United States used to distinct individual citizens methods are various among a variety of information systems, but the core of the method is the person's name. But different people can have the same name, but also prone to spelling errors. Undoubtedly, according to the name to query the method of individual information’s retrieval efficiency and accuracy are low.

Of course, the federal government also wants to establish a unified national identity. The question is: Congress does not agree. Congress problem is: most people do not agree.

In recent decades, the United States did researches many times on this issue, each time objections absolute upper hand. In 1942, opinion polls, founder George Gallup in the "New York Times" summarized. In his view, unified identity card is much like a police state, which is a violation of the American spirit. Of course, the Gallup admits DUI help to fight crime, strengthen national security, especially in response to terrorist attacks, natural disasters and other emergencies process, which will be greatly facilitate the Government's social management and control. 

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