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The Power of Sell RS Gold Gratitude

L is a poor little girl in the town of Yunnan province. Her school could get a lot of Sell RS Gold donations from the society every year, because of these donations her school changes a lot. The sports equipments in the playground are come from the company near the school, the class has the learning equipments, and a number of new books are come from the kind-heart people. All the things are new. At first her classmates and she were very curious about the donations and wrote the thankful letters to the donor, but after few years they felt that is normal thing to them to accept things from others. The thankful letters became littler and litter.

At the Black Monday, a new teacher came to the school who was the graduate student from the university. Like the ordinary day, L gave the donations to every student. “Did these things are the donations?” the teacher asked. “Yes!” all the students answered. The teacher held one book and asked again:” how to deal with these donations?” L said:” it is very simple, we always count the number of these things and then gave them to the students.”

 “Did you thank for the donors?” the teacher told. All the students’ faces are changed. And the teacher knew that they did not do that thing and then he told the students:” this afternoon, I will take you to the market to buy some vermicelli to thank for the companies who give us the help every year.” After they bought the things, they divided the vermicelli into five portions and write the thankful letters to these companies. When they did all the things, the night came.

In the second day, the teacher asked the students:” It costs us about whole afternoon to send these gifts to the companies. Buy how much time they have to spend to send the donations? Yes, they have to spend at least a day to do these things. But we even we did not to the gratitude to them. These donations are not the responsibilities and obligations to them; we should have the grateful heart to them.” a few years past, many of students entered into the university, because they know the power of gratitude.

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