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The Phone Film Should Be Replaced Sell FFXI GIL Regularly

Core Tip: Most people will give mobile phone film at first when they buy the Sell FFXI GIL phone as soon as possible. However, recently there are many net posts that film although protects the phone, it is easy for users to dizziness, vertigo, blurred vision and other symptoms, which is considered to be the "killer” for eye health.

Miss Tian recently hooked on mobile games. Due to working reasons, she often take the subway to work every day, count about commuting time, it is almost to the nearly five hours in the subway back and forth. During this period, she almost always passes the time playing phone. Many games require frequent touch-screen mobile phone, mobile phone film is drawn so many scratches, because people are usually busy, so they have no time to be replaced. Until last week there has been the phenomenon of eye pain, so she goes to the hospital, she knows film affect the phone.

"Our department admissions in patients with such phones as Miss Tian family is not small, my phone did not stick foil, mobile phone screen film makes light refraction, visual fatigue will increase, especially mobile phone film has many plans marks, eye health hazards bigger!”Integrative Medicine Hospital of Nanjing Xia Chengzhi director, said mobile phone film is only endanger the health of the eye" booster ", the most important reason is the use of mobile phones for a long time close your eyes, this eye health hazards, than watching TV, computer, close reading and writing is much greater!

After paste film for a long period, if the film does not replace, haphazard scratches will let the phone screen display looks more laborious. Eye of the ciliary’s muscle will be tension condition, the tension of the lens continued to maintain a large, eye health is more susceptible to damage. Experts suggest that you use the phone more than half an hour later; you should pay attention to the rest of the eye. This time drops one o'clock preservative free rewetting drops is possible, the best activity eyeball, increasing distance with the eye of the time in order to better conserve the eye.

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