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The Methods to Avoid the Sell WOW Gold Sunshine

With rising temperatures, a variety of methods to avoid hot sun become Sell WOW Gold popular. Sun protection clothing is popular in the country the last two years of the term, a lot of sun protection clothing in the propaganda claims to be able to prevent the sun's ultraviolet rays, to avoid darkening of the skin. Now on the market is mostly translucent sun protection clothing, but also known to wear sunscreen cool. Rash guards mean, and what really has the effect of sunscreen? Experts said that acrylic is an ideal sun protection clothing materials; anti-UV treated for sun protection clothing sunscreen can generally achieve the desired effect.

Currently on the market there are two main sun protection clothing, one is through the fabric layer of sunscreen way to achieve the effect of sunscreen, sun protection clothing produced by this method will generally use adhesives, and these adhesives are formed on the surface of the fabric layer film, generally airtight, and feel stiff when wearing more hot.

Another is a thin translucent sun protection clothing, sun protection clothing is this anti-UV treated and porous fibers woven into, not only can play a sunscreen effect, but also increases the micro porous structure absorbent cloth perspiration, more suitable for wearing in hot environments. These lightweight sunscreen fabrics are mainly chemical products, such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, etc., in these materials, because acrylic light fastness best, so is more excellent sun protection clothing material.

UV methods manufacture fiber ultraviolet absorber is added to the spinning dope, such as titanium dioxide (TiO2) particles and fibers produced by mixing a monomer to produce a uniform distribution of the inorganic thread, and then use this thread woven into cloth, made of sunscreen clothing.

UV sun protection clothing reflection and absorption mechanism into two, and an ultraviolet absorber can be used are inorganic and organic two kinds. Inorganic ultraviolet shielding agent is the use of certain inorganic better refraction of light, reflection, scattering properties to achieve the purpose of UV protection, including titanium dioxide TiO2, zinc oxide Nzo, aluminum oxide Al2O3, kaolin, talc, carbon black, and so on.

Organic ultraviolet absorbing agent is mainly by ultraviolet light and for energy conversion, into a low-energy ultraviolet or short wavelength electromagnetic energy, so as to achieve the purpose of protection against ultraviolet radiation. Most ideal UV absorber having a conjugated structure and hydrogen, absorb ultraviolet light into heat, fluorescence, phosphorescence, including benzene, ketene compounds, salicylic acid compounds, organic nickel-polymer.

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