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The Love in the Sell LOTRO Gold Hatred


I walked into the ward in a hurry; I saw a girl was lying in the bed. I could not Sell LOTRO Gold control my vision to leave the white bandage; I knew that the girl lost her right arm forever. The girl looked at me sacredly and her vision always changed, the only hand held the quilt. The doctor started to introduce her condition to me, and then gave a photo which showed his right arm in the blood to me. I cannot control my emotion anymore, so I left the word to porch and cried. As a police, I am a mother too. The biological mother told me:” when I divorced with her father, she lived in his father. The step-mother cannot bear his father’s bad habits, every day have the fights in the house. One day the step-mother threatened all the people in the family and took the knife to pretend to cut my daughter’s arm. But unluckily, the step-mother lost her mind when she fought for my ex-husband, so she cut the arm of my daughter.”

After four years, the girl graduated from the college. She learned how to repaired many kinds of watches and she told me that she wanted to continue to read the books. She smiled all the time until she met a boy who was her little brother with same father. The boy was begging on the street with shabby clothes. Just a moment, she had hesitation, but finally she hung on her brother.

Her father with her step-mother who was in the prison and married again, so her brother had the same life like her. He had to beg in the street at the end. Her mother did not promise to accept that boy, so she left her mother’s house. She borrowed the money from classmates and teachers and had a stall in the street. She was good at his brother very much. This is a really story, the girl said she hate his step-mother and her father. The knife cut all the relationships with her family. But she could not hate her brother; the same tragedy should not happen to him again.

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