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The Knowledge of the Poison Sell Vindictus Gold Oak


If you want to elect the most evil plant, it should be the poison oak. Along the Pacific coastline of the Sell Vindictus Gold United States, you can see the figure of poison oak everywhere. Poison oak can be refined the oily chemical toxins which was called urushiol. This kind of toxin can cause severe skin infection itchy, even could let the infected people get the piles. Extreme itching feeling will continue for more than a month. 85% of people are susceptible to the toxin, a billionth of a gram of urushiol is enough to make people react, that is, 7 g urushiol could let people around the world will have a sense of their primary concern.

Although Urushiol toxicity is so powerful, that every year there is a festival to dedicate for the poison oak. It seems is ridiculous, even it is simply masochism. However, Columbia City, California, United States does like this. In the past 25 years, the city will hold the poison oak show in September each year. Through this activity, we could choose which the most beautiful form of poison oak is.

It likes all the traditional flower shows, contestants will bring a variety of beautiful poison oak to compete for the annual "Best poison oak decorations and jewelry" and "the most beautiful poison oak leaves" awards. Even there is "the best poison oak infection Photography Award which makes people chilling, and this is the most primitive poison oak talent show.

Before taking participate in this draft, you must take into account carefully: the urushiol toxin is oily without volatile, so it is easy to stain on the shoes, gloves and floral tools, and it could not faded away for several years. If these soiled items toxins are burning unfortunately, it will soon be able to make a lung infection. You should think that do you have the enough wisdom to deal with the emergency alert.

There is also a condition need to consider: the degree of sunshine will affect the appearance of poison oak, so that they present shrub undergrowth or climbing vine-like, so it is very difficult to identify at first glance. The worst thing is that the part to produce the poison is not the leaves but the roots. Once people touch the toxins, the only hope is to apply a thick layer "Tektronix slave" detoxification oil to clean skin quickly.


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