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The Expert Taught You How to Have a Sell Runescape Gold Siesta

Core Tip: according to the report, the siesta is divided into nanosecond level, microsecond Sell Runescape Gold level, millisecond level, the general level and the lazy level. How to nap to get good effect and healthfully?

Nanosecond level (10-20 seconds): the majority of office workers do not have time to take a nap, but you can try to close eyes ten seconds meditatively, which can also be good for our health. If you feel physical fatigue, dry eyes and slightly sleepy, you can close eyes to have a rest for 10-20 seconds to give the body fast "charge" and rejuvenate.

Microsecond level (2-5 minutes): Do not underestimate this a few minutes lunch break, and sometimes it has the amazing results to eliminate fatigue. If you feel restless, the brain reaction becomes slow and easy to daze. It is best to turn a blind eye to convalesce for a few minutes, you can make the body relax and calm, which help to stimulate inspiration and improve work efficiency.

Millisecond level (5-20 minutes):5-20-minute nap can play better health care effect. If you feel so weak and dull mind, you can take a nap for a while, which help to improve short-term memory, sensitivity, endurance, learning and hands-on ability to help restore the spirit.

Ordinary Level (20-30 minutes): If your memory is not good, or feels could not open eyes. At this time, the brain has begun to "sleep", so you had best to choose this kind of level to have a rest. In addition, nap 20-30 minutes also can protect liver, promote digestion and clean the brain of useless information to strengthen the long-term memory.

Lazy level (40-90 minutes): This nap time is a bit long, but unhealthy. If the nap time is more than 30 minutes, the body goes into deep sleep. If people wake up at about 45 minutes, it can cause headaches and other symptoms. If it is more than 30 minutes, the expert recommended extending 1-1.5 hours to complete the entire sleep cycle.

I need to be reminded that do not have a nap after the lunch immediately, and the best interval time is about 20 minutes s. You should have best not to sleep lying on the table.


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