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Soybean Has the Rich Sell Runescape Gold Nutrition

For the friends who like to eat vegetarian, soybeans and their products are the Sell Runescape Gold best foods for protein. However, the digestibility of soybean is not high. The whole cooked soybean protein digestibility is only 65.3%, and of which the proportion of dietary fiber is higher. If people eat more, it is not east to digest and more lead to bloating. However, through the different processing and cooking, it will change the digestibility of soy protein. For example, after processing into soy milk, the digestibility will achieve to 84.9%; after processing into tofu, the digestibility can reach 92% -96%. From this reason, we can see that the processed soy products have been significantly improved the digested and absorbed in the body than itself.

The calcium content of the soybean itself is not high (191 mg / 100 g), and contains more phytic acid, but it also has a relatively low absorption and utilization of calcium. However, if we process the soybean to a variety of soy products, although we have to add water several times, but the calcium content is not reduced much, but oxalic acid reduced, and then the absorption and utilization of calcium is higher.

Dried bean curd is the semi-products for the tofu, which has high protein content. Tofu contains lecithin, which has a good effect to lower cholesterol, prevent hardening of the arteries, and the cardiovascular disease. Tofu also contains a variety of minerals to supply calcium supplement and prevent osteoporosis which was caused by calcium deficiency, and promote bone development.

Skin of soya-bean milk has high protein content: per 100g tofu skin and yuba contains 44.6 g protein, which is equivalent of beef jerky. The amino acid composition of it is close to the body needs, so it is easier to be digested. Normal tofu skin shares soy flavor, has color yellow and shiny.

In addition, there are some new soy products such as soak beans, baked bran and so on. Due to the different production process, they have loose holes. When they cooked with other foods, it is easy to penetrate the appropriate food soup, so it tastes very good. However, baked bran sodium content is relatively high, so you should pay attention to intake when you eat.


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