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Some Bad Habits Will Lead To the Sell WOW Gold Cataract


Cataract is a visual disturbance which the eye lens is opacities with the increasing age. Of course Sell WOW Gold, it is also a first kind of disease to blind. What bad habits can cause cataracts?

Ophthalmic Medical studies have proven that moisture plays an important role on the process of eye lens metabolism and remains transparent. Body is lack of water, it is one of the reasons to lead to the crystal becomes turbid. Therefore, people should develop the habits to drink a lot of water especially for boiled water. You should ensure drink water about 2000 ml or more ever day, after sweating, the amount of water intake should be increased. In summer, you should particular pay attention to prevent diarrhea. With the weather grew hot, the body sweating, it can cause dehydration, which has the disadvantage to the crystal.

Some foods which have high-fat, high-sugar, high protein foods, and some of the other three high-fried foods will accelerate the oxidation reaction, people prone to cataracts. The fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, which can weaken light damage to the lens, especially vitamin C content of the eyes is higher 30 times than blood. With the increasing age, the vitamin C content decreased and lens malnutrition, which caused by the passage of time degeneration of the lens. Study found that the darker e vegetable rich in the more vitamin C and rich in lutein. At the same time, fruits and vegetables and fish and other foods rich in other vitamins and trace elements, but also play the role of the lens nutritious.

If people drink excessively, capillaries of eyes are easy to extend to affect the normal metabolism of the lens. Meanwhile, second-hand smoke fumes will damage the eye's lens. According to eye epidemiological survey found that 20% of cataract patients have long-term smoking.

It is worth to pay attention that some young men’s uncontrolled diet without exercise, the prevalence of diabetes increases every year, and elevated blood sugar, so that the lens inside the glucose into sorbitol accumulation in the lens a lot, increase the osmotic pressure within the lens, fiber swelling degeneration, resulting in turbidity is thrown diabetic cataract.


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