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Some Bad Habits Will Cause the Sell WOW Gold Cancers

Ionizing radiation: Large doses of ionizing radiation can cause cancer, particularly lung Sell WOW Gold cancer. Reported in the United States in 1978 in the general, about 49.6 ionizing radiations came from natural sources, 44.6% are medical exposure. X-ray diagnosis of ionizing radiation can be accounted for 36.7%. In modern living room decoration, if you use substandard stone, excess radioactive substances have certain carcinogenic.

Emotional imbalances cause cancer: In real life, there are some long-term emotional problems of the crowd; the malignant lung cancer incidence rate is indeed higher than normal. Beijing Institute of Oncology on 100 characters is not cheerful, good sulking people tracking survey found that they are not only susceptible to cancer, and other cancers are also a significant relationship. And modern medicine has confirmed that emotional upset can cause human brain, the endocrine system and the immune system disorders can make the body of the original latent proliferation of malignant cells, the formation of malignant lung cancer. Some scholars believe that, when the body is in a bad mood vicious long-term stimulation, can directly induce normal cells become distorted, even the formation of cancer cells.

Esophagus by long-term adverse stimuli: some people like hot food, and even drink scalding water, eating hot food, it seems that only a sip of regret only eat flavored, know ye not that hot food along the esophagus and the next time, would esophageal mucosa damage, prolonged exposure to such adverse stimuli, it may cause esophageal mucosal cell mutation and cancer. Similarly food rough, tough, eating too fast, drinking tea, spirits, food chili, garlic, vinegar, spicy food in excess, will be of esophageal adverse stimulus. Over time into the esophagus also a predisposing factor.

High intake of fat: among a relationship with cancer of the various dietary factors, high intake of fat is that the incidence of cancer is most closely factors, in particular diet containing saturated fatty acids and bile acids in the intestine will increase and neutral sterol concentrations and change the composition of coliforms. Bile acids and steroids by bacterial action can generate some carcinogenic substances.

Exposure: Excessive exposure is easy to get skin cancer.

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