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Some Bad Behaviors in the Sell WOW Gold Public

Reporter interviewed leading experts in public health and combined with the latest Sell WOW Gold research, and summed up some uncivilized behaviors in daily life. They hope to develop healthy lifestyle to maintain public health.


Now, when you went to the transportation hub, tourist attractions and other populated place, you often see benches everywhere. From the data, it showed that China has become a country which has the heaviest garbage in the world. And now, the existing life garbage is more than 60 million tons. That garbage likes a time bomb to threaten people's health. The experts pointed out that littering will provide the "foothold" for pathogenic factors. From the epidemiological point of view, peels, leftovers, waste paper and other organic waste is easy to corrupt and easy to breed mosquitoes to spread many diseases.

Smoking in public places

Smoking is very harmful to owns and others. On the one hand, the smoke contains nicotine, tobacco tar and other toxic substances. Smokers are likely to suffer from lung cancer, coronary heart disease, bronchitis, emphysema and other diseases. Studies have found that people each cigarette smoked, their life expectancy will be reduced to 11 minutes. On the other hand, the spread of the second-hand smoke in public places is a serious hazard for public health.


Speak loudly seems to have become a kind of "instinct" for people in the noisy city. As everyone knows, speak loudly gives health threat. The experts clearly a point out the high-decibel noise is harmful to human body. Loud noise will interfere with others’ and learning and work. Experimental results show that people were disturbed by sudden noise to lead to 4 seconds inattentive. Although time is short, it can easily lead to errors and accidents. People should maintain the quiet and peaceful social environment together.

Eating breakfast in the bus

Fast-paced urban life make people have to have breakfast on the road. Because of the large stream of people, so the air circulation is poor, this is easy to breed bacteria. For example, the bus handrail has the 380 bacterial colonies such as coli, salmonella and other bacteria on each ten square centimeters. 

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