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Six Kinds of Wonderful Foods Make You Sell WOW Gold Healthier

There are more and more modern pollution that people are very hard to avoid. Fortunately, the natural Sell WOW Gold foods could help you enjoy the delicious food and protect your body.

The first food is kelp. We all know that, kelp can resist radiation. Seaweed is known as “sea vegetables,” which contains carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, protein, etc, and plays a protective role in our body.

The second one is millet. Millet has anti-noise function. Modern scientific testing found that the protein content of millet is higher in the grain; in particular the content of tryptophan is higher. Tryptophan has a calming role in sleeping. In a noisy environment, your body need great amount of B vitamins, so eating millet can reduce the damage of noise, improve hearing and prevent the damage of hearing organ.

The third one is milk. Milk is one of the most favorite foods. Recently, researchers also found that milk is a good food to drive lead. In the one hand, milk is rich in calcium, and the phosphorus ratio is appropriate to reduce the lead burden in the body. Second, the protein contained in milk combined with the lead of body into soluble compounds that can promote the excretion of lead.

The fourth one is pig blood. Pig blood is anti-dust. Modern medical study found that the proteins in the pig blood by the acid decomposition may produce a sterile and relax substances. This substance can produce the biochemical reactions with the harmful dust and metal particles entering the body, and then take these dusts out of the body.

The fifth food is garlic. Long-term consumption of salted and baked products is an important risk factor for gastrointestinal cancer. These foods have higher amounts of nitrate and nitrite, with the secondary amines in meat synthesis of nitrosamines, and nitrosamines is the leading direct cause to gastric cancer. Garlic can inhibit the synthesis of N-nitrosamines, so garlic can prevent gastrointestinal cancer.

The last food is black fungus. As it can resist cadmium, which is very common in modern society, such as the metal cadmium in strap batteries, and smoking a pack of cigarettes to increase 2 to 4 micrograms of cadmium in the body. The black fungus contain plant resin, it can absorb the cadmium into the body through the digestive tract, and then put the cadmium out of the body. 

It must do well to our health if people could add the above foods into our daily recipes.

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