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Simplicity is a simple thing after we have grown up Sell WOW Gold

No one can go with you for a lifetime, so you ought to adjust to Sell WOW Gold be alone; no one will help you for a lifetime, so you ought to fight all the time; do not mean you are a faker when you can be kind to person who you dislike, but it means you are mature enough to tolerate your dislike; all of sadness and happiness is very impressive for us because we are so young; do not mention the past from now on, no matter how sorrowful or wonderful it was; happiness was a simple thing when we were young, simplicity is a simple thing after we have grown up; no one can change a person, but you can be the reason for him or her to change; silence is the best answer to all question; smile is the best reaction in all cases; do not worry too much about the ambiguous future, just make effort for the explicit present; no one can go back to start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending; just living is not enough, we must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower; from now on, I will expect nothing, but cherish what I have gotten; it is fate to meet you, but it is a choice to make friend with you, and falling love with you is beyond my control; I will be good someday…

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