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She found it was not as big as they thought Sell LOTRO Gold before


Once upon a time, a farmer's garden had a big stone, so that anyone who came to his garden Sell LOTRO Gold would be hurt or bruised by the stone. One day, his son asked him: "Dad, why do not you move the stone away? I have been hurt by it so many times, I hate it very much." The father answered:"The stone has been here before I am born. It is too big to dig it out, let alone move it away." When the son grew up, he got married with a woman. One day, the daughter-in-law was bruised by the stone and she felt angry, so she said to the father: "I hate the stone so much. Why do not we ask someone to move it away?" However, the father still said: "The stone is very heavy. If it is possible, I have moved it away when I was a child." The daughter-in-law felt unpleasant because she had been hurt by the stone for many times. One day, she took a pail of water and hoe, starting to dig the stone. At the beginning, she decided to spend a whole day to do it, but surprisingly, she dug it out in twenty minutes. Looking at the stone, she found it was not as big as they thought before. So she dug it out easily in the end.

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