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Sell Flyff-EU Penya players finally defeated the dragon.

The necromancer placed the treasure chest inside a hollow mold and filled the mold with Flyff Penya cement. Once hardened, he placed the rock somewhere on the land that surrounds the Firiona outpost. In order to retrieve it, Hooroo and the others needed to find the rock and break it open.Using Terskikan Ret's map, Hooroo was able to find the rock. He and the others broke it open and found the silver treasure chest. Hooroo and his companions then took a journey on the Maidens Voyage to Timorous Deep where Hooroo told them his brother hid the scuffed silver key to open the chest.After a long swim, they finally reached their destination; however, Hooroo was unable to dig up the key. They feared that one of the alligators must have eaten it. As they attempted to slay the fire gators, they felt a slight rumbling and heard as forceful waves rushing with the flow of a shadowed figure.The temperamental waves tumbled onto the shore as a great water dragon known as Faydedar submerged within the oasis of the Timorous Deep. After a deadly battle, Sell Flyff-EU Penya players finally defeated the dragon and discovered that it had the key there were looking for.


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