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Players Pointed Out That There Are Two Major Problems in Sell Diablo 3 Game


Players pointed out that there are two major problems in Diablo 3 game. At first, it is the balance of the role of Sell Diablo 3 Gold skills, which can through the monster's skills to quickly become bound to exist in a variety of build core, and players damage output rely solely on the repeated release of a single AOE spells, which can cause a lot of damages. Secondly, the enhancement of the game difficulty is too simple, but there is no change basically, but only the difference digitals.

The author lists the ways to improve including: modify less effective monster affixes; cancel the effect of skills through the monster; improve the rhythm of the game, and strengthen the monster AI and level of complexity.

In this regard, the community manager at Blizzard's made a reply. Although the Blizzard has agreed with the issues, but the solution is not so simple. Blizzard wants to be able to listen to the views and suggestions of the other players on these issues.

Read and reply to it? We read a lot, but we cannot respond to all posts. We do not necessarily agree with all the recommendations of the players said, but the players’ discussions have the significance for us.

The most popular build will not be influenced by any terrain factors. Barbarian whirlwind, monks Storm raid and hunting magic bursts can through the barriers without any limitation. At any time, it has no need to consider the problem of the stations.

The core skills of positioning of Build are not considered comprehensively. Normal players only need to use a skill. Generally speaking, this skill can cause a huge amount of range damage on the path of players moving.

Complexity and rhythm of the game does not change. Contrast to the normal mode and purgatory mode, the internal mechanism of the game has not changed. Only just the enemy's damage and the value of life plus some extra monster affixes, in general, there is no innovation, simple and crude.

Most of you say we all agree. The popular build did not consider the problem of positioning by the arrival position and the skill, and we should do better in terms of the difficulty of the game.



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