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Paladin is better to gather more gold in your quests, combats, and PvP

A Paladin is the Knight in shining armor in the World of Warcraft. Control your character will take more exciting and happy when you sell wow gold play World of Warcraft.

The paladin is a hybrid class that was initially for the Alliance faction only that is a combination priest and warrior. Paladin is better to gather more WoW gold in your quests, combats, and PvP.

With the release of the Burning Crusade, Horde gained access to the class through the Blood Elf race. While not strictly as good as either base class at doing either function, they are flexible and allow choices in their role in groups.

If you like warriors but want the option to do something other than just combat, or like the priest but don't want to be just a supporting character, then the paladin may be for you.

If you are seeking information our site will be your best choice! Here you can read the class in detail! You can even submit information to be added to our Paladin guide and gain the fame of helping advance one of the best sources of Paladin information on the Internet.

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