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Opportunities Are Equal for Sell Dofus Kamas Everyone


Matsushita Company would hire an accountant, which has attracted many young people to go to Sell Dofus Kamas employ. This is a multinational, which has well-paid, so it is a rare opportunity. Each candidate wants to get this opportunity.

After the first round of interviews, the remaining ten people entered the second round of written competition. After careful rounds, the remaining three excellent female students draw. Manager let them come at eight o'clock tomorrow to have company interview again, and the general manager test them.

The next day, three female students were wearing beautiful clothes, while managers given each of them a dress and a black bag, and said to them: Now I'll give you each one has a stain clothes, you must wear this dress before quarter past eight to General Manager's Office to conduct interview, I remind you, the general manager likes clean and graceful partners, you had better not be a stain upon general found otherwise they will be eliminated immediately.

When three candidates heard this, a female college student used paper handkerchiefs to wipe out quickly, the result is stain become more and more dirty. Under this condition, the female students desperately begged manager pulls a re- parts, however, the manager said with regret the tone "I am sorry that you have been eliminated." These female college students had cried and left.

Second female college student looked at this battle; she went to the toilet at a rapid pace and tried to rinse with water stains. Finally the stain gone, but it was almost a quarter past eight. She quickly tidied and rushed General Manager's Office, to the General Manager's Office in front of a watch, just eight fifteen.

Second female college students slowly opened the door, I saw the third female students was about to come out from the house and saw the third female students stains chest piece, the second college That put a heart, with confidence went in to see him in front of the piece of general manager "wetland", said to her: "You have been eliminated, I have chosen the third college student." second college students were very surprised, not convinced on the general said: "There may be stains on the clothes her chest Yeah." general manager saw her mind, smiled and said: "She is a black bag hanging on his chest, blocking a piece of dirt with the fastest time to win the opportunity. "

Opportunities are equal for everyone, but it will fleet. Only the person quickly grasps the opportunity, he could to be the winner.

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