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Noria is considered the most beautiful land mass on the continent

Skills - A DK has the following character skills: Twisting Slash, Impale (sell wow gold can only be used when riding a mount unit and wielding a spear-type weapon), Greater Fortitude, Death Stab, Rageful Blow, Combo Skill (which is a combination of Twisting slash, Death stab, and Rageful blow, all executed in quick succession), and Raid (which comes with every Dinorant).

There is only one shield skill that can be used called Defend. Dark Knight Weapon skills include Falling Slash, Cyclone, Stabbing, Uppercut, and Slashing.

There are many maps in this game. The beginning maps are Noria, where elves begin, and Lorencia, where all other classes begin.

Note: Map restrictions by level on Magic Gladiators and Dark Lords are cut by one third.

Noria: Noria is located east of Lorencia. This is the elves’ city where the Fairy Elves start the game. Always bathed in a bright sunshine, Noria is considered the most beautiful land mass on the continent.

On the center of Noria is the Chaos Machine, which is used to combine items and jewels needed to create powerful items used by the high level characters. Characters other than Fairy Elves need level 10 to visit Noria.

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