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Malnutrition Will Affect the Women Ovulation Sell Lineage 2 Adena Law


Core Tip: malnutrition will affect the women ovulation law. Little fat can interfere with Sell Lineage 2 Adena women's menstrual regularity. Female lose weight excessively in order to get beauty, which may affect the ability to conceive. On the other hand, high-fat foods can make the weight higher, but also cause female menstrual disorders and poor ovulation. In addition, caffeine intake can also reduce the chances of pregnancy.

For the men, when they are malnutrition, vitamin A, B, C, E and zinc, calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium and so on will reduce, so sperm vitality decreased. Animal experiments also indicate that malnutrition will reduce the amount of animal semen and semen for sperm motility fructose content. Excess nutrients will lead to the adolescent become more obesity, fat deposition make pituitary function loss or decreased or male hormone cannot release or decrease. Patients prone to have small testes, small penis and are lack of secondary sexual characteristics and feminine characters. After the children grow up, they have the probable to cause infertility.

If the males eat the foods which have the nitrites, preservatives or the sulfa food colored agent, raw cottonseed oil, celery, etc., it can also lead to a decline the quantity of sperm. In addition, the British Government Medical scientists of the Scientific Committee found that in recent decades, reducing sperm and testicular shrinkage have the relationship with double the Fen A and butyl benzyl phthalate. These substances are widely used in the manufacture of bottle cans, food packaging bags and the inner wall coating.

Through diet, you can change the pH of the human body to create a suitable environment for sperm. You can eat acidic foods or food rich in calcium and magnesium such as salt-dairy, beef, eggs, milk and peanuts, walnuts, almonds, whole grains and aquatic products. More alkaline foods which contain potassium and sodium include snack, a variety of juices, food tubers, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, fruits, chestnuts, and so on.

Female had best to control the weight within a range of plus or minus 10% of the standard weight. The male usually should eat more green vegetables and fresh fruit. Drinking doses of 20-30 mg of zinc every day also helps the normal functioning of the reproductive system.

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