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Make sure every single level; you check your quests to find repeats

Levels 40-50: These are rougher, and harder. There are a lot of repeat quests though. Make sure every single level; you check your quests to sell wow gold find repeats. If you didn’t get KQ Robo, keep doing it until you get him. Some of the repeats you will get are.

At 41 and 42 you have Ugly Goblins 2, which is killing goblins

At 43 you have a bet with Marty 2, which is killing Goblin Swordsmen

At 44 you have Fantastic Items, which is collecting were bear Claws

At 44, 45, and 46, you have The Broom Stick of the Best Qualities 3, which is collecting Armpit Hair from Were bears

At 46 you have The Best Medicine for Athlete's Foot 3, which is collecting Shroom Heads from Sand Mushrooms (the monster, not the herb)

At 47 you have A Secretive Request, which is collecting Goblin Captain Helmets

At 49 you have Lips of Mannequin, which is collecting Lips from Mini Lips

Again: a party really helps, and if you can find a higher level archer or mage to help you, it goes loads faster. Don’t be afraid to use all those Elderine scrolls you got from 20-40. Now is when you’ll use them, it makes this go a lot faster.

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