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Love will disturb my Sell Dungeon Fighter Gold drawing


"The Moon and Six Pence" is written by William Somerset Maugham Sell Dungeon Fighter Gold. Perhaps we have such a friend who works in bank with common appearance, and has a common family. Can you image that he gives up all he has but to pursue his dream one day? Charles is such a man in the book. He left a message to his wife and kids and then he went to Paris. He was 40 years old that year, living in a worst hotel in Paris and it cost one hundred dollars. In fact, it was not a story that a young man tried his best to make his dream come true and a beautiful wealthy girl became his wife at last. Charles was looking for his nightmare when other people pursued their dream. There was no difference between them because anyone was captured by dream was looking for his nightmare. Thanks for his friend’s help, otherwise he would die after 5 years. He became the defendant and was sent into exile to a barren island. At last, he burned all his works when he died. His friends asked him: "Do not you love your kids?" He answered: "I have no special feeling with them." And then his friend asked him again: "Do not you need love?" He answered: "Love will disturb my drawing." When he held the writing brush, he was only in his own world. On the one hand, Charles is hateful because he is selfish and not be responsible for his kids and wife; on the other hand, he just pursues his dream like many people. There is only dream in his heart.


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