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Light The Candles For 9Dragons' Birthday Cake

Leading online game publisher GamesCampus today begin a massive celebration for their martial arts MMORPG, 9Dragons. Players new and old can take this time to reflect on their skills, friends they've made, and enemies they've conquered during the last year. Events will be ongoing from now until October 10th, so don't tarry!
"How did a year fly by so quickly? 9Dragons has grown in so many ways and has exceeded our -and we hope the players' - expectations." said Hubert Yee, Head of Marketing at GamesCampus. "We're both looking back at the lessons learned from the last year and looking forward to the next year; 9Dragons will continue to grow in exciting new ways."
The 9Dragons anniversary is split into three parts, so players of any level can participate. First, all characters between level 2 and 30 will receive a complimentary bundle of five EXP Cards. Talk to Tan Xiang to claim these special items. EXP Cards grant players a 100% bonus EXP rate, and will stack with all EXP events held during the anniversary celebrations.
Monsters throughout the lands that are level 30 and above will randomly drop new anniversary treats; Szechuan Treats instantly heal 10% of a player's life, Moon Cookies restore 10% of a players Vital Energy, and Skewered Sweets grant 10% bonus weapon damage for 10 minutes. Don't like your candy? Talk to Jiang Daxi to trade in your candy haul and trade in ten for the player's choice of a 7-day Dragon Banner.
Each color (white, red, blue, black, and double) grants players an unparallel buff.
Players can also save up and resist the urges of their sweet tooth for the ultimate prize. Trade in 30 of each candy and receive a Blue Dragon Treasure Box! This item is normally only found during sales on the CampusCredits (CC) Store, and contains the game's most valuable mounts, costumes, materials, and much more.
No matter what level your character is, they will receive one commemorative coin for each full hour they remain logged in. Trade in one coin for the candy of your choice to complete a Blue Dragon Treasure Box, or save up 50 coins for a selection of exclusive anniversary masks: Ox, Panda, Lunar Rabbit, and Mysterious Rabbit.

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