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Is the Fructose Healthy or Sell FFXI GIL Not

Today, many foods claimed that their composition does not contain Sell FFXI GIL sugar and are healthier, such as biscuits, autumn pear grease, drinks and so on. The food burden sheet has no sugar on the list of ingredients, but there has been such words--"fructose" and "syrup." Expect for this, powdered pure fructose has also attracted by a lot of consumers. Many people believe that fructose is extracted from the fruit sugar, is healthier than sucrose. However, it is not true.

China Agricultural University, Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, Professor Fan Zhihong told "Life Times" reporter, fructose and glucose are all belong to monosaccharides. Indeed, fruits contain fructose, but fructose which used to process is not extracted from the fruit, but with glucose solution obtained after hydrolysis of starch, and then by a heterogeneous effect on the enzyme, which will let part of the glucose to change the sugar. The mixture of glucose and fructose is fructose syrup, fructose ratio s typically 42% -90%.

Why the fructose was favored by the food industry, because it has "exceptional" qualities: hygroscopic effect can remain fresh pastries soft; 1.7 times as sweet as sucrose, and is enhanced with decreasing temperature; make the drinks more delicious; glycemic index is low, and so does not cause blood sugar fluctuations. However, studies have shown that fructose satiety is low, which people are likely to overeat. After fructose is absorbed, the majority of them will become the glucose through the liver, and also produce heat or synthetic fat, but compared with glucose, intake a lot fructose more likely to cause human visceral fat deposition, reduced leptin and insulin sensitivity. Fructose also promotes the synthesis of endogenous uric acid, but it is disadvantage to the gout patients.

However, because of the different fructose come from the different food, so dietary measures are different. Expect for fructose, fruit also contains antioxidant and pectin and so on. So from the perspective of a balanced diet, eating 200-400 grams of fruit is no harm. But processed foods such as fructose and fructose syrup are usually relatively low nutritional value, because consumers cannot relax vigilance from "does not contain sugar" or "fructose".

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