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Is Cholesterol the Source of All Sell WOW Gold Diseases

Cholesterol is the source of all diseases?Many people believe that cholesterol should best do Sell WOW Gold not intake. In fact, cholesterol is a nutrient, every cell of the body's synthesis need cholesterol to support. The synthesis of sex hormones and other hormones also need the cholesterol. Nervous system is also rich in cholesterol. In order to supply the demand, expect for food, cholesterol can also be synthesized by the body tissue. The human body synthetize about cholesterol 1-1.2 grams every day, which accounted for 80% of the synthesis of the liver. Only if the cholesterol metabolism in the human body did not work well, the cholesterol will deposit in the vessel wall, which caused cardiovascular disease.

The cholesterol will be able to control only by the lifestyle changes? Diet and lifestyle has a certain relationship with the level of cholesterol. Some people who have the high cholesterol occasionally could improve the level of the “good cholesterol” through the healthy diet and regular exercise to reduce or control weight. Professor Li pointed out those patients who have familial genetic disease or more serious high cholesterol, through a healthy diet and lifestyle cannot achieve the desired results, but need to be controlled by medication.

High cholesterol cannot eat egg yolks? Among high cholesterol foods, egg yolk is an exception. Professor Li said egg yolk contains lecithin, which is an important component of the "good cholesterol" to help to regulate blood lipids. Therefore, people with high cholesterol do not have to stay away from egg yolk. This kind of people who eat three eggs (egg yolk) every week does not cause any harm.

The young people do not have cholesterol problems? Hyperlipidemia has been younger in average age. Expect for the genetic factors, it has the relationship with unhealthy method (to excessive work pressure, long-term sit-ins, and so on) and unhealthy lifestyles (lack of exercise, long-term stay up all night, excessive edible of high-fat foods, Designated Smoking etc.). Professor Li said these will increase the development of hyperlipidemia.

The thin man has no necessary to check cholesterol? High levels of cholesterol are not “patent” for obese. Whether you are fat or thin, you should check regularly.

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