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Increase your dodge, hold your weapons, and do lots more damage

Stat Builds: It is pretty self explanatory for this build. Katar muses will need lots of sell ffxi gil dex. Dex for power, dex for dodge, dex to hold the weapon in the first place:

Str: You are going to want some of this even if you are doing dex/int. This will give you 40% of your katars damage. Not to mention it’s always nice to have some extra lesser-stats like HP and defense. (Who cares how much weight you can carry? xD)

Dex: DEX!!! EAT ME!! Increase your dodge, hold your weapons, and do lots more damage. This is a necessity; this should ALWAYS be your number one stat choice.

Int: I don’t know what kind of sped wouldn’t get this. INT will help you buff yourself and sometimes your party mates. It'll help you afford cure. It also combo's nicely with spell mastery.

You want to increase the strength of your buff skills just because no one likes the builder’s appliances you get when you buy a house because they work, but they suck.

Con: Katars don’t need this so much. Maybe put it at 20 (Suggestion). But when you attack so fast, the misses aren’t going to hurt you much.

Cha: I think only dealers really need this = P I'll leave it at that.

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