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I think you cannot get from shop; you also cannot use Sword Mace

Sword Mace: One of the most strongest mace, I think you cannot get from sell wow gold shop, you also cannot use it.

Stunner: This is not a rare mace but you cannot use it, it can stun enermy too.

Rare mace: Hard to get, one of them is a good equipment, most of them cannot be used by super novice.

Spike: Can be only used by acolyte, player will fall into darkness and does ctrical ATk, can be obtain from tiger guised fiend in louyang dungen.

Golden Mace: A gold mace that does 130 ATK power but can only be used be acolyte cls. Drop by golden bug.

Long Mace: Drop by moonlight, this mace increase range by two but can only be use by acolyte cls.

Slash: It can cause instant death at low rate. Don't know where to get it, but can only be use by acolyte cls.

Iron Driver: A mace that people used to play golf, drop by lord of death and turtle general. Can only be used by monk and priest, adds range by two.

Quadrille: What is this also don't know, all I know is it can be used by acolyte cls.

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