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I should look for the yellow ants nest Sell Luna Gold

When I was young, I often catch some insects such as dragonflies, to let yellow ants carrying food Sell Luna Gold. At first, I should look for the yellow ants’ nest, and then put on dead dragonfly around their nest.  Will squat in the side to wait patiently for yellow ants carrying food. At the moment, I will see the ants crawled around near the dragonfly, touching it with their antennae and mouth, and then left. After a while, a group of ants started off from their nest. When they arrived at the destination, some of them moved, some dragged, as if they were very busy with it. So I respected for diligent ants for transporting food. But some ants in the group did not transport food, they just crawled around them, I did not know what they were doing, but I thought they were lazy, unearned parasite, but I did not know they were actually the wisdom of the ant kingdom and they had great mission. On the surface, we will think that they are lazy, but actually, they are thinking, analyzing, making a thorough inquiry for their companion. We not only respect the diligent ants, but also respect the lazy ants, respect the lazy ants play an irreplaceable role, respect the lazy ants can think, study and make a thorough inquiry. When we are respecting the lazy ants, we ought to learn from the lazy ants.

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