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Once, I had seen such a story: two same seeds were thrown to the ground at Sell Kal Geons the same time, one seed thought: "I have to put down my roots into the soil, and try hard to grow, I must experience four seasons, I want to see more beautiful scenery." Therefore, the seed tried hard to grow, and it was harvested in a golden autumn, it saw the scenery that it looked forward to. On the other hand, another seed thought: "If I grow up, perhaps I will encounter hard stones; if I put down my roots into the soil, perhaps my nerve will be hurt; if I grow seedling, it may be eaten; if I blossom and fruit, the innocent children may uproot. So I must stay put, so that I will be comfortable." However, one day, a rooster pecked here and there, and finally ate the seed. I sigh with emotion that the same seeds even have totally different destiny, and also I find a truth: if we more want to settle status quo, we will be not content with the status quo. Therefore, we should learn from the first seed to pursue our own life, regardless of difficulties and hardships, we ought to dare to take risks, dare to bear the wind and rain. Regardless of setbacks and failure, we can harvest and embrace success.

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