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I always find cute is looking at me Sell WOW Gold beside my bed


I have a golden retriever named cute, her fur is very smooth, the eyes like two black Sell WOW Gold pearls, the big ears droop in the two side of her head, she has big mouth and big nose, she is very cute, so I call her cute. Her legs are very strong, long tail likes a whip, if it hit you, you will surely have a hard time. Every morning, when I wake up, I always find cute is looking at me beside my bed, wagging her tail, as if she is saying: "Take me out, take me out!" I have no way, so I have to wear quickly, so that I can take her out in a hurry. At the moment, she often jumps up and down, she is very happy. When she is outside, she will attract a lot of people because she is very fat, so she always twists her ass when she walks. We will stay outside about more than two hours, so when we come back, I will feel very tired, but when I sit down, cute will rushes toward me, biting my ears gently, I know she is saying to me: "I want to have dinner!" So I have to cook for her. Her biggest characteristic is gentle, no matter how I hit her, she will always bow her head, the mouth is trembling constantly, it seems to complain. But she will never resist, even if I blame her wrongly. I love cute, because she is very beautiful, cute and gentle.

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